We only clean rugs by hand and using traditional techniques and tools. This is a very time consuming process, but it is the only safe and effective way to clean and maintain hand-made rugs. Every hand made rug is different and cleaning them requires a lot of knowledge and attention to detail- something that no automated process could ever provide. Many fragile and antique rugs would also simply be destroyed if cleaned by a machine. We clean all types of rugs from contemporary and antique natural and vegetable dyed wool and silk pieces to more modern rugs featuring synthetic dyes.

The types of rugs we clean:

Every year we clean over a thousand of different types of rugs and carpets. We specialise in hand-made pieces and clean:
– Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Indian and other Oriental rugs
– Wool and Silk Chinese rugs including Superwash and Tientsin
– North African rugs including Moroccan, Tunisian, Egyptian
– Modern rugs including Designer Guild and The Rug Co.
– All types of Silk rugs (Persian, Chinese, Indian, Modern etc)
– Kilims and tapestries
– Very large rugs and carpets (we have no limit as to the size)

Benefits of having rugs cleaned by us:

Having a rug thoroughly cleaned by us will not only make it look cleaner, but there are many more advantages:
– all dust and grit will be removed (they are the main contributors
– rugs will stay looking clean for longer
– any foul odours (pet urine, mildew etc) will be eliminated
– rugs will be hygienic again (for example if it had been subjected to a flood, pet accident etc)
– the colours will look more vibrant again
– the pile will feel softer

All rugs are cleaned by us only in our own workshops as it’s impossible to properly clean a rug in-situ. All rugs must be properly dusted before cleaning and they have to dry in a controlled way after the wash. Both of these things are impossible to achieve in home environment and the long term impact of home-cleaning of rugs is usually devastating (the dirt is typically pushed into the pile of the rug causing damage in the long run).

Rugs drying in our workshop after cleaning

Prices and quotes

As every rug is cleaned by hand it’s impossible to compile a price list. The cleaning cost depends on the time it takes to clean a rug and therefore every rug cleaning will be priced individually. In order for us to give you a quote/price please let us know the rug’s size, type and whether it’s made of wool and silk. If you can please also e-mail some photographs of the rug.

Antique Qashqai Rug Before/After Cleaning Photos
Chinese Superwash Rug Before/After Cleaning Photos