We only employ the most skilled and experienced rug restorers and former weavers from Iran/Persia and every rug is repaired with the same attention to detail, care and skill as a hand-made rug deserves. We use exactly the same tools, techniques and materials (we even source our wool, silk and cotton from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan) to ensure every rug is restored in the best possible way and that every repair is as effective as it can be. Our restoration projects vary from simple side and fringe repairs to full restoration jobs including many insurance claims works (flood or fire damage for example). We can also prepare rugs for hanging.

Types of repair work undertaken by us:

– fringe repairs and replacements
– side repairs and re-binding
– hole re-weaving
– restoration of moth/pet and any accidental damage
– tears and splits joining
– repairs to threadbare areas
– any other type of damage

Pet damage to a very fine pure silk Kashmir rug restored in our workshop

Benefits of having your rugs repaired by us:

– we only employ skilled and experienced craftsmen to carry out the repairs
– we use the same methods, tools and materials to repair rugs as the people who weave them do. We even source our wool, cotton and silk from Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan
– we have extensive experience restoring all types of handmade rugs including many antique and museum pieces
– as a proud member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen we always carry out all our work to the highest standards

Persian Gabbeh rug- moth damage restored in our workshop
Our restorer repairing holes in an antique Caucasian rug. Warp and weft yarns are being reinstated before missing pile is knotted.

Prices and quotes

As all work is carried out by hand the repair prices depend on the amount of work and time required to complete the repair. The best way to obtain a quote is to contact us with the details of the damage, e-mailing photographs is always very useful.

Silk Qum rug having fringes and corner repaired in our workshop